Rick Taylor

The Founder’s Story

I’ve spent the last 25 years in various forms of the landscape professions, many of them in my own businesses. I started as a maintenance gardener and worked my way up to running my own 15-person design, build, and maintain landscape firm in the heart of Wine Country, Sonoma County, California. I then transitioned to running a landscape architecture and project management firm. Though my sweet spot is residential estates and sustainable rural land development, there’s hardly an area in the landscape professions that I haven’t practiced in depth. This is the background from which I approached Sandbox.

I have developed curricula and taught students from the grassroots permaculture level all the way through university. Along with folks like Eric Olson and Ryan Johnston, we created year-long courses that merged the permaculture community with the necessary practical skillset needed to engage professionally. I also brought ecological literacy to landscape design and construction professionals through university-level courses.

Those of us at the forefront of ecological literacy in the landscape have long understood that no matter our own success and recognition, our true value will be measured in the amount of change we actually create with our knowledge. We know at our deepest levels that we need all of you in order to execute true meaningful change.

Rick Taylor

Founder Sandbox

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