We have defined some terms in this glossary to help you on your journey of reaching positive climate design.



Atomic element #6. This app uses the words carbon and C02 interchangeably, though they are technically different (see CO2/ carbon dioxide).


CO2/carbon dioxide

A colorless, odorless gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds and by respiration. This app uses the words carbon and CO2/carbon dioxide interchangeably, although they are very different. Carbon is an element and carbon dioxide is a molecule made up of carbon and oxygen and has a different atomic weight. We also use carbon/CO2 as shorthad for greenhouse gasses when in actuality, greenhouse gasses are comprised of more that just CO2.



Isolate or hide away; to remove or withdraw. To sequester CO2 is to remove it from the atmosphere, through the photosynthetic liquid carbon cycle, and store it in plant tissue and healthy soils.



To release or discharge. To emit CO2 is to release it in to the environment, usually into the air.



In this context, aggregate is used to describe the various, loose stone materials used as drain rock and base materials in the landscape construction process.



Concrete Masonry Unit; cinder block, masonry block.



Herbaceous flowering plant that is not a grass, rush, or sedge.


Sand Set

Referring to paving systems set in sand over a compacted aggregate base. Examples: concrete pavers, brick, or flagstone.


Dry lay

Referring to paving systems set in sand over a compacted aggregate base. Examples: concrete pavers, brick, or flagstone.



Drainage inlet; a basin installed at ground level that collects water and directs it to an underground system of pipes intended at draining away water from one area to another.


Sheet mulching

A layered system of soil enhancement and weed suppression incorporating some form of paper and layers of various types of organic matter. Made popular and refined by the Permaculture movements.


Sequestration equilibrium

This is the term used to describe when your landscape has finally sequestered all of the carbon emitted to build it and is now a carbon sink, assisting the world in reducing atmospheric carbon.

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