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Should a Small Firm Buy This?

How Do I Convince a Skeptical Principal this is a Good Investment?

I have been getting emails asking how to help sell this software to principals or how to justify it as a solopreneur with low volume.

We are in a time of great change throughout the world and there is only so much change we can handle on any given day. Carbon literacy as a foundation for good design is one of the those changes and it is here to stay. The question is whether or not you are on the bus yet.

The gift embracing this change brings, however, is the merging of our professions with a deeper purpose.

In the end, let’s be honest,  I am biased. I have spent 6,000 hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 5 years building this platform to where it stands today. I think this software and its need speaks for itself. 

But I hear you. It is yet another fee based service that you must consider carefully. For a solopreneur, we are looking at $720/year for the software.  So, if you increase your fees by $144  across just 5 projects, the software is paid for.  Done. In addition,  you will be adding value that very few designers bring to the table.  If you are a bit of a salesperson, you can  position this as an additional value added “item” or, if you are like Elder Creek in Northern California, your clients come to you because you are a leader in design and ecoliteracy and this software keeps you in that leader position.

I think this same argument holds true when you speak to a principal in your firm. It is a very small risk for a potentially large reward.

The free account gives you a month to run some trials and show what Bond can really do for you. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Rick Taylor

Founder Sandbox

Sign up for the free version of the Bond app today. It has 100% access to 100% of the calculations!

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