We empower landscape design professionals with high-resolution eco-literacy tools.
Measure, adjust, and communicate the carbon impacts of your project.

Transforming landscape design professions
from extractive to

This is your tool to calculate emissions at the granular level. From 36“ box trees to individual drip emitters. This calculator gives you a detailed view of emissions so you can more effectively meet your goals.

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Our purpose

Empowering designers to provide integrated solutions to climate change and ecosystem decline. Our products allow you to see the true impact of your work and adjust accordingly. The high resolution data allows you to see into projects in ways no other professional can.

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Available Products

Bond CO2 Calculations

Be a part of the global climate solution. Bond provides a window into the complete CO2 relationship of your landscape project: Emissions and Capture. It’s a new tool to help evolve design strategy so you can see whether or not you are hitting the mark. With real results in real-time.

Products Under Development


Blume is your app for tracking the year-round insect, food, and habitat assets you have built into your landscape. From bloom times to mulch and organic litter types, Blume will help you understand how your design levels up in terms of healthy insect habitat.

App coming soon


Drop is your app for calculating the water storage and percolation for landscape runoff.  This app allows you to not only calculate runoff, but how much you are able to both store for reuse and percolate back into the ground through earthworks.

App coming soon


Pilot is your app for tracking the landscape management impacts of your project. This app is primarily tracking carbon footprints and sequestration efforts of the management team.

App coming soon

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The landscape industry has an amazing new tool to support its participation in the fight against climate change. This tool enables users to evaluate the carbon footprint of alternative design and implementation choices. Cudos, Rick, for the far-reaching vision and transformational work embodied in the Landscape Carbon Calculator.

Jeff Creque

Carbon Cycle Institute

All I can say is “Wow!” I am impressed. I just signed up for a Free Account and decided to use my new property as a first example. Very impressed with the ease of use and the clarity of the directions. Nice interface! Looking forward to seeing it through to the end of the project and seeing totals. This looks really promising as a business.”

Patrick Picard

Equinox Landscapes

I signed up and input my project numbers in about 15 minutes. Easy to provide to the client at almost no cost!

James Collector

Project Manager

This dynamic, interactive calculator allows the subscriber to identify and correct for the most carbon costly components of the landscape while maximizing carbon sequestering tools to become carbon negative.

Will Bakx

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