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Progress not Perfection

As you dive into the work of integrating a healthy carbon cycle into your designs, you will soon discover the imbalance between the speed of carbon emissions and the speed of carbon sequestration.

We emit so much faster than we can sequester!  For any of you who have counted calories, you know it is much easier to put them into your body than to burn them off.  The carbon relationship is similar but many magnitudes larger and more complex.

You do not need to, nor can you, solve the carbon crisis with one project. If we act thoughtfully and with intent, we will look back over our careers and be able to see that we have significantly moved the needle by making whatever progress we can on each project we do.

Each of your projects has its own set of constraints. Regulatory, practical, site size, client desires, aesthetics, social, and political structures.    Sometimes you  will really nail it and other times you will fight hard for the smallest reduction in carbon. That fight is a worthy one and it is desperately needed.  Take the win, share it, and apply strategies to your next project.

Every win is one more case study, building the strategic library to normalize carbon literacy as part of what “Good Design” means

Rick Taylor

Founder Sandbox

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